Sea Kayaking

Lesson C - Where to Kayak

Having mastered the skills of kayaking, it is now time to chose a destination. This is simple:Warm Water Is Best

(Bora Bora)

(Bora Bora, French Polynesia) -- Have Feathercraft, Will Travel

(This is a real photo, although I had to digitally touch up the kayak because it was underexposed.)

To give blame where blame is due, most of these insights have been gained while on trips with the San Francisco Bay Area Sea Kayakers (BASK). This group of 300+ smart, attractive people are fleeing regular employment like aquatic lemmings to wander off to Chile, Greenland, and Fiji in search for the perfect hot springs, new recipes, and another slide show. (Yours truly heading out the Gate to play the exciting game "Chum the Great Whites!".)

The author under the Golden Gate Bridge

For some more serious information about wildlife that can be seen kayaking, check out the great wildlife page that your's truly did for BASK.)

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